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Our latest industry analysis showcased how the hospitality sector, one of the hardest-hit sectors during the coronavirus outbreak, was able to pivot in the new reality.

The resorts industry, strongly linked to the hospitality sector has also been looking towards reshaping its approach of achieving competitive advantage during these unprecedented periods of declining bookings during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this new insight, we will take a look at how technology has proved to be a blessing for resorts.

Hygiene and safety measures are becoming a must-have, many resorts and hotels have developed special programs such as the Safe Together program by ClubMed or CleanStay initiative by Hilton to reassure their clients and make them feel safe. However, as the industry mulls over the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, digital revolution through emerging technologies like Mobile, Robotics Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are at the forefront while devising strategies for 2021 and beyond.

A recent study showed 64% of travelers agree that technology will be important in controlling health risks when traveling and 63% say that accommodations will need to use the latest technologies to make travelers feel safe. Additionally, latest technological advances contribute greatly towards enhancing guest experience and customer retention with technological innovations contributing towards improved customer satisfaction and improved services, while reducing overheads at the same time.

Here are some examples of how the resort industry is using emerging technologies to counter the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on their business and enhance their customer satisfaction:


Mobiles, Smart Phones, and other hand-held devices are making check-in, check out, and other guest related processes easy, seamless, and fast but most importantly safe, enabling a contactless experience.

In fact 62% of consumers expect to increase their use of touchless technologies once this crisis subsides according to the global digital transformation leader, Capgemini. The latest technology allows guests to use their smartphones as the room key, enabling them to proceed straight to their rooms away with the lines and long wait times saving time and ensuring better safety. Likewise, guests can check out with a few clicks of the smartphone and avoid the reception altogether, along with risks that bring.


Wynn Hotel & Resort, Las Vegas has implemented Amazon Echo to maximize their customer benefits. With Amazon’s Alexa voice assistance, guests of Wynn can control the lighting, temperature, draperies, and TV in their rooms, answering clients’ demands effortlessly while limiting gadgets’ touching and contamination risks.


Aloft has implemented hi-tech features to optimize hospitality for guests. In addition to keyless entry via Aloft smartphone app, Aloft employs a robotic butler called Botlr to deliver 24/7 customer services of all kinds.


Renaissance New York features an interactive wall called The Discovery Portal. It’s a virtual concierge where guests are allowed to choose from categories of entertainment, dining and much more by stepping onto a circular hologram projected on the floor. In addition, it also offers an in-person concierge service to provide guests with in-depth information on what they have found in The Discovery Portal.


During these times of receding bottom-lines, it’s apt to conclude that emerging technologies have been a blessing for the resort industry. At this juncture, where the travelers have already become increasingly tech-savvy, recognizing the role this may have at the same time on their health during this covid time, Resorts that do not embrace the latest technology to deliver innovative services to their guests stand out to lose big time – more so keeping in mind the additional safety requirements.

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