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The sector of hospitality is growing, and only those who have acute expertise in its mechanics can excel with their projects’ investments and developments. At ROD Resorts, our highly experienced team of professionals along with various dedicated departments such as ROD Hotel ROD Development come together to deal with the resort and hotel investments keeping the development needs of our clients on a note. Our services range from developing to acquisition to sales and leasing of assets.

Lease Administration

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Our lease administration services are extended to all types of retail clients, institutional and private investors for all types of resort business leases. Our team of professionals works industriously on all aspects of administrating a lease, including lease abstraction, maintenance, and billing. Our services also include redesigning operations to save on agreements and obtain real-time data, as well as cutting costs on other resources and lowering risks.

Proactive Asset and Portfolio Management

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Investments in the hospitality sector are a currency that needs to be kept diversified across a range of geographies, organized and regulated at all times to ensure maximum yield and minimized idiosyncratic risk. At ROD Resorts, our team expertly takes up the lengthy and taxing tasks of maintaining and amplifying the asset portfolio, saving your team time and effort.

Finance and Accounting

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The resort brings stable yield and grows well is entailed with arduous tasks of managing comprehensive finances. This accounting needs extreme attention to detail, lengthy calculations, accurate billings, and a clipped financial close. We not only offer all of these services within a short period and best quality but also monitor your finances closely for optimizing your accounting.

Investment valuations

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Analyzing the value of both existing and potentially acquirable resort businesses is a process that takes many factors into account. ROD Resorts dives deep to study the management and capital structures of the concerned resort businesses. We extensively research the market trends to assess the current value of the assets, taking into account the profits, investments, as well as residual sums to do a thorough and justified investment valuation of assets.

Market research for asset sales

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Disinvestment needs to be done responsibly, with ample knowledge of the business background, market, and industry trends. At ROD Resorts, we have a terrific team of experienced professionals who strive to bring you the best custom deals on your assets, owing to our capabilities for market research and understanding your resort asset investments.

Recapitalization strategies

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Replacing the capital structure of a resort business can draw many growth opportunities. However, the task demands a highly-skilled execution of equity sales, debt placements, and investor financial renewal. Our services in recapitalization extend to these as well as building hybrid structures, creating successful recap models, and executing the procedures smoothly and efficiently.

Acquisition procedures

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Our partners at ROD M&A and ROD PE hold expertise in the dealings of Mergers and Acquisitions garnered by deep experience and backed by an excellent team. From asset identification and due diligence to working out first-rate agreements, we handle all M&A matters with speed and mastery. We also provide further services such as repositioning the future business, rebranding the merger or the acquisition, and analyzing the finances and dispositions for the betterment of the resort businesses for our clients.

Leveraging Our Valued Network

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With an extensive track record, a powerful network, and an experienced management team, ROD Resorts is well-equipped to produce innovative marketing, financial, and operating strategies that deliver exceptional value to investors.
We are buttressed by generations of relationships developed within the hospitality and real estate sector by the Rodchinson Family. The result: privileged access to individuals, projects, and opportunities that enable us to source and close off-market transactions.

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